Tourism Hot Spots

Although there are countless reasons why Israelis should consider the Philippines as tourism destinations, we could summarize these into eleven more than the usual reasons:

warmoverwinterMore than the usual sun, sea, and sand

Asia's beach capital – the Philippines: Long, white sand beaches, an immense variety of marine life, rare and exotic sea flora and fauna, even the tropical party lifestyle are all in abundance more than a rarity in this country. Evidently, the Philippines can very well be Asia's Beach Capital, what with 7,107 islands, and a coastline twice the length of that of the United States. It is also home to Boracay, whose four-kilometer White Beach has been hailed as the “finest beach in the world.”

wildoverwaterMore than the usual wet and wild

A paradise blessed with gorgeous waterscapes, the Philippines is never lacking in today’s liveliest water encounters. It has been described as the most exciting surfing destination in the world, with great waves like Cloud 9, Tuason Point, Majestic, and Cemento, all ranking among the world’s best. Action Asia Magazine says, "The Philippines is to scuba divers what Switzerland is to skiers, Hawaii to surfers, and Nepal to mountaineers." And for white water action, there are attractions a-plenty – lakes, waterfalls, and rivers that create excellent kayaking and white water runs.

wanderourwrecksMore than the usual deep dive

History's sunken glory in Subic Bay: Originally developed as a naval base by Spanish colonizers in 1885, Subic Bay became the largest US naval facility in the Far East. In 1991, it was transformed into a Freeport economic and tourism zone. Today Subic Bay hosts a formidable combination of wrecks, like the 19th century Spanish gunboat San Quintin, Japanese luxury liner Oryoku Maru, and the ex-USS New York. Complemented by a rain forest and white sand beach, Subic Bay has an international airport  and tourism support facilities that include a marina, yacht club, hotels, shopping arcades, and food shops.

watchourwhales More than the usual underwater view

A whale of an experience in Donsol, Sorsogon: In late 1997, the world discovered the huge schools of whale sharks that had been visiting the mouth of Donsol River for generations, oblivious to the small coastal community. Organized whale shark expeditions then transformed this sleepy, remote fishing village into a major eco-tourist destination almost overnight. Get ready to put on your gear, ease yourself quietly into the water, and swim alongside the world's largest fish, over 50 feet in length and 13 tons in weight, in the wondrous waters of Donsol.

waterways More than the usual river wild

The world's longest underground river system accessible to man is located in the capital of Palawan. The Puerto Princesa S ubterranean River National Park, which has been inscribed in UNESCO’s World Heritage List, is Palawan's most popular attraction and covers 5,349 hectares of lush forest, dark mountains, caves, and white beaches. Paddle through eight kilometers of a snaking, underground river leading to a clear lagoon. Walk on the Monkey Trail, a series of wooden paths that winds into the forest, lined with 40,000 tropical flora and fauna.

spot_6More than the usual "I do"

The wedding setting of a lifetime: the islands of the Philippines, any of 7,107 divine destinations where traditional meets exotic, modern meets mythical, east meets west. Plan a wedding or honeymoon in the Philippines, a lifetime experience.



More than the usual shopping

More and more people are discovering that the Philippines is Asia’s most inexpensive shopping destination where you can get the most value for your money. Here you can find imported name brands from the West, as well as products handcrafted in the Philippines, from weaves, baskets, and brassware to hand-embroidered piña cloth, wood figurines, and all sorts of custom-made furniture, clothes, wedding gowns, shoes, embroidery items, and many other accessories. Treat your loved ones with a shopping tour in the Philippines, a unique and fun idea.

wanderourwondersMore than the usual high and low rise

Wander over the world heritage site, Banaue Rice Terraces, Eighth Wonder of the World, carved from the high Cordilleras over 2,000 years ago. Behold the 500-year old mummies in Kabayan. Follow the steps of President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo trekking up Mt. Pinatubo. View Taal Volcano, the smallest volcano in the world. Head for the 1,268 Chocolate Hills of Bohol. Top off your experience with an exhilirating ride on a canoe down an 8-kilometer Underground River in Sabang, Puerto Princesa City, Palawan.