Philippine Embassy in Israel Volunteer for Drug Test

17 May 2017, Tel Aviv, State of Israel – In support of the recent order of the Civil Service Commission requiring government officials and employees to undergo random drug test, personnel of the Philippine Embassy in Israel personally volunteered to be tested for drug use.


All 27 officers, staff and locally hired employees of the Embassy, led by Ambassador Neal Imperial, underwent the drug testing on 23 April 2017. The test was conducted by Rosenblatt Medical Laboratory, an authorized drug-testing laboratory in Israel.


The drug test is also in line with the government’s aggressive drive against illegal drugs, including ridding the government of drug-dependent workers.


“All of us at the Embassy feel it is our duty, as representatives of the government in the State in Israel, to set an example to our Filipino community by being drug-free. We recognize the utmost importance of our government’s priority in combating the drug problem affecting Filipinos, both in the Philippines and abroad.” Ambassador Imperial said.

Based on the results of the test conducted by Rosenblatt Medical Laboratory, all personnel of the Embassy tested negative for use of illegal drugs.