Philippine Embassy welcomes New Batch of 540 Filipino Agriculture Student-Trainees to Israel

Philippine Embassy welcomes New Batch of 540 Filipino Agriculture Student-Trainees to Israel

2 Agro Students Tel Hai Campus

 Filipino Student-Trainees of the Agrostudies Program at Kibbutz Malkiya in northern Israel during the Embassy’s Post-Arrival Orientation Seminar on 26 November 2016, with Philippine Ambassador Neal Imperial (2nd from left front standing), Labor Attaché Atty. Rudy Gabasan (1st from left ), Consul Bryan Jess Baguio (1st from right) and Assistance-to-Nationals Officer Ms. Adelfa Lesslie Mercado.

 20 December 2016, Tel Aviv, State of Israel – 540 Filipino student-trainees recently arrived in Israel to join the Agrostudies Program in Israel for 11 months of combined academic learning and practical work in farms all over Israel.

 The students, who come from different agriculture universities and colleges in the Philippines, are participating in the program to study at specialized agricultural academic centers and experience the latest agro-based technology and techniques.

 The Philippine Embassy to Israel, led by Ambassador Neal G. Imperial, welcomed the new student-trainees by conducting post-arrival orientation seminars in the three academic centers where the students are separately enrolled. The seminars aim to ensure that the students are informed about relevant aspects of their stay in Israel and to set their expectations during their 11-month program.

 The seminars covered various topics such as an overview of Israel, its history, culture and society, state of bilateral relations of the Philippines and Israel, rights of student-trainees, Israel’s general security situation, the Embassy’s consular services and the profile of the Filipino Community in Israel.

 The Embassy also invited the students to participate in the Embassy’s socio-cultural events such as the Community Christmas events, Flores de Mayo and Independence Day celebrations.

 This year’s batch is the twelfth batch of Filipino student-trainees participating in the Agrostudies Program which is considered as an important pillar of Philippines-Israel development cooperation in the field of education and agriculture. END

2Malkiya Aking Questions

Students-Trainees from Tel Hai Campus asking questions during the Seminar in Kibbutz Malkiya.

2PAOS Ruppin

Consul Bryan Jess Baguio presenting a history of Philippines-Israel relations during the

Post-Arrival Orientation Seminar at the Ruppin Campus in central Israel on 19 December 2016.