Philippine Embassy in Tel Aviv Begins Overseas Voter Registration


 01 December 2016 – The Philippine Embassy in Tel Aviv started the Overseas Voting Registration for the 2019 mid-term elections today.


Ms. Ruby H. Bulibol, a native of Ifugao Province, was the first to register. Ms. Bulibol is a first time OFW who arrived in Israel on 20 March 2016. She is a registered nurse in the Philippines.


The second registrant is Ms. Marelyn C. Bondoc who has been in Israel for 17 years and is now a holder of a temporary resident visa. Ms. Bondoc said that this is her first time to register for the overseas voting.


“The Philippine Embassy in Tel Aviv will embark on an active information campaign to encourage the newly-arrived OFWs to register for the overseas voting,” says Ambassador Neal G. Imperial.


The first day of registration closed with a total of fifteen (15) registrants and one request for reactivation. – END –

2-OV Registration 2016 1st day(2ndpic)

2- OV Registration 2016 1st day


Ms. Ruby H. Bulibol(top photo) and Ms. Marelyn C. Bondoc (photo below) register as first time overseas voters.The Philippine Embassy in Tel Aviv Voter Registration Machine (VRM) Operator, Ms. Geraldine Gamoso, processed the registration withThird Secretary and Vice Consul Judy Razon, Administering Officer, and Ms. Lesslie Adelfa Mercado, Resident Election Registration Board (RERB) Member.