Deployment of Filipino Caregivers Rises by 43% in Israel

1 February 2016, Tel Aviv, State of Israel – In a report to the Department of Labor and Employment, the Philippine Embassy in Israel noted that for 2015, the deployment of Filipino caregivers in Israel increased by 43% compared to the 2014 data.

According to the report, deployment from January to December 2015 reached 2,288 as compared to 1,599 from January to December 2014. The deployment figure for 2015 is the highest in the last 5 years.

Labor Attaché to Israel Rudy Gabasan noted in the report that "though the recruitment process of Filipino caregivers is stringent and the expenses for bringing in caregivers from the Philippines is more costly than other sending countries, it can be inferred from data that the demand for Filipino caregivers from Israeli employers is greater."

Exhorbitant placement fee is still an issue among the caregivers and this is still subject to on-going bilateral labor negotiations between the Philippines and the State of Israel. The Philippine Embassy expects the deployment of Filipino caregivers in Israel to increase further once a bilateral labor agreement is finalized between the two countries. --END--