Philippine Embassy in Tel Aviv Registers 8,101 New Filipino Overseas Voters in Israel

3 November 2015, Tel Aviv, State of Israel – A total of 8,101 new Filipino overseas voters in Israel registered with the Philippine Embassy in Tel Aviv for the 2016 Overseas Voting Elections during the registration period which was conducted from 6 May 2014 to 31 October 2015.

Including the new 8,101 new registered voters, the total number of active overseas voters in Israel is now 17,735 out of an estimated 25,000 Filipinos in Israel. This means that about 70% of Filipinos in Israel will be eligible to vote in the 2016 Overseas Voting Elections.

The active registration campaign launched and carried out by the Embassy enabled it to successfully breach its target of 7,000 new registered voters by 16%.

Besides encouraging Filipinos in Israel to register at the Embassy in Tel Aviv during business hours, the Embassy also conducted several mobile and field registrations in other major cities of Israel such as Haifa and Jerusalem which allowed more Filipinos based therein and nearby areas to register.

The Embassy also visited the academic centers of Filipino agricultural student-trainees, churches and religious groups during weekends to give their members the opportunity to participate in the upcoming elections.

The Embassy is hopeful that the successful registration campaign will also lead to a higher turn-out of overseas voters for the 2016 Overseas Voting Elections in Israel.--END--