Overseas Voting Registration Reaches 3,000 in Israel

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    Left photo: Ms. Joylyn Relojas (left) submitting her overseas voting registration form to Ms. Angela Lopez of the Embassy. 
            Right photo: Mr. Delano Munar of the Embassy processing the application for registration of Mr. Jerry Dioquinio.

5 March 2015, Tel Aviv, State of Israel – The Philippine Embassy in Tel Aviv recorded its 3,000th registered voter on 8 March 2015 as more Filipinos in Israel register for the overseas voting for the 2016 National Election. The total number of registered voters is on top of the 9,277 voters already registered at the Embassy in the past overseas elections.

Ms. Joyln Roberto Relojas, a newly arrived Filipino in Israel, and married to an Israeli national, registered at the Embassy while applying for the notarization of her documents. She expressed enthusiasm in knowing that despite living abroad, she still has the opportunity to vote in next year's elections. "I want to exercise my duty and responsibility to my country through voting. May the loving God bless the hearts of the elected government officials so that they can serve the country with sincerity and fear of God". Ms. Relojas said.

Mr. Jerry P. Dioquino, a male caregiver in Tel Aviv, is registering to the overseas voting for the first time. He encourages his fellow caregivers to also exercise their right to vote even if they are based in Israel. "As a Filipino, I have a responsibility to choose a good leader to change my country for the better through my vote". Mr. Dioquino said.

The Philippine Embassy in Tel Aviv continues to conduct the overseas registration to allow more Filipinos the opportunity to vote for next year's elections.--END--