Filipino Martial Arts Gaining Ground in Israel


Ambassador Neal Imperial with the instructors and participants of the Filipino Martial Arts Seminar.

21 December 2014, Tel Aviv, State of Israel – Filipino Martial Arts (FMA) or "Arnis" received a big boost in Israel with the holding of a nation-wide seminar on fighting techniques by four masters of different FMA schools in Israel, on 5 December 2014, at the Hayarkon Park, in Tel Aviv.

The event opened with the welcome remarks of Ambassador Neal Imperial who encouraged the organizers and participants to continue conducting and attending similar activities in the future to promote public awareness on FMA in Israel. Four training sessions conducted by the instructors followed after. The instructors included the following: Mr. Abi Moriya of Caballes Serrada Escrima, Mr. Guy Rafaeli of Arnis Israel, Mr. Jon Escudero of Lightning Scientific Arnis Israel, and Mr. Yaron Brill of FCS Kali.

More than 80 Israeli and Filipino FMA enthusiasts showed up at the park with their Arnis gears to learn techniques and tricks from the masters.

The conduct of regular classes/trainings and exhibitions is expected to increase the Israelis' growing awareness of this aspect of Filipino culture, which has gained importance in other countries, especially those adopting the fighting techniques in their respective military forces, not to mention the many Hollywood movies featuring Filipino Martial Arts in their fight scenes. --END--


Mr. Jon Escudero demonstrates the fighting techniques of the Lightning Scientific Arnis Israel.