6th PCGH Ends Mission, PHL Embassy Recognizes Achievements of Filipino Peacekeepers

turnover1  turnover2

             Left photo: Members of the 6th Philippine Contingent to the Golan Heights form during the turnover ceremony.
                         Right photo: Ambassador Generoso D.G. Calonge is honored by the Filipino troops with salute
                                                           during his arrival at Camp Ziouani, Golan Heights.

5 December 2013 Tel Aviv, State of Israel.  After almost 13 months of serving for the United Nations Disengagement Observer Force (UNDOF), the 6th Philippine Contingent to the Golan Heights (PCGH) ended its tour of duty on 5 December 2013 when LTC Nolie L. Anquillano INF (GSC) PA, officially turned over command to LTC Ted B. Dumosmog INF (GSC) PA, Commanding Officer of the 7th Philippine Contingent, during a brief ceremony held at the Philippine Battalion Parade Ground, Camp Ziouani, Golan Heights. The ceremony was presided over by BGEN Hari B. Basnet, UNDOF Deputy Force Commander.

In his farewell speech, LTC Anquillano congratulated his unit members for a job well done. Moreover, he thanked them for their cooperation, adding that unity and camaraderie in their battalion contributed to the success of their mission. He also thanked the Philippine Embassy for continuously supporting the Filipino peacekeepers. LTC Anquillano said that although the day marked the end of a mission, which brought them fruitful experiences and good memories, it also meant coming home to their families from which they have been away for more than a year.

Incoming Commanding Officer LTC Dumosmog also commended the members of 6th PCGH for performing well their duties and responsibilities and added that he would ensure that his troops would continue the legacy left by former Filipino peacekeepers. He said that he is counting on the support of his troop members so that his battalion would also be as successful as its predecessors.

During the event, the Philippine Embassy took the opportunity to recognize the notable achievements of the Filipino troops. Ambassador Generoso D.G. Calonge congratulated the troops for completing their mission and awarded them certificates of commendation for representing the Philippines abroad with honor and distinction and contributing to the country's positive image not only in Israel, but also in the international community. In return, the troops gave the Philippine Embassy a token in appreciation for its continuing guidance and assistance, especially during challenging times.

The Philippines began sending troops to UNDOF in 2009 when the Polish contingent turned over its command to the country. The 7th PCGH is composed of 336 soldiers, thus maintaining the status of the Philippines as the 2nd biggest troop contributor to UNDOF. --END--


                                                    UNDOF Deputy Force Commander BGEN Hari B. Basnet, LTC
                                                    Nolie L. Anquillano INF (GSC) PA and LTC Ted B. Dumosmog
                                                    INF (GSC) PA sign the documents pertaining to the turnover
                                                                                         of command.