PHL Embassy Conducts Security Training for Filipino Community Leaders


7 September 2013 Tel Aviv, State of Israel. To equip Filipinos working and living in Israel with proper knowledge on how to handle and conduct themselves during emergency or crisis situations, the Philippine Embassy organized a Security Training on 7 September 2013, from 5:30 PM to 7:30 PM, at the Community Education Center (CEC) in Tachana Merkazit. The training was conducted by Consul Lorenzo Rhys G. Jungco IV and attended by officers of the Federation of Filipino Communities in Israel (FFCI), as well as leaders of various Filipino groups and associations in the country.

During the two-hour training, Consul Jungco discussed the different alert levels and appropriate responses for or security measures to be taken in each situation. The Consul pointed out that during emergency and crisis situations it was important for the Filipino Community to be prepared, remain calm and cooperate with the Philippine Embassy by following security plans and procedure.

The Embassy hopes that, through the leaders who attended the Security Training, essential information on proper responses and security procedure during emergency or crisis situations will be relayed to the rest of the Filipino Community.

The Embassy estimates that there are around 36,000 Filipinos who are currently working and living in Israel. To establish connection with and ensure that relevant updates and information are disseminated to them, the Embassy networks with various Filipino groups and associations in the country, now estimated to be around 50, and regularly meets with the officers of the FFCI, which is the umbrella organization of all these Filipino groups and associations. -- END --