Philippine Embassy Tel Aviv Launches Photo Competition


Embassy of the Republic of the Philippines

Tel Aviv, Israel

Press Advisory

13 November 2012

The Embassy of the Republic of the Philippines is celebrating its 50th Anniversary in the State of Israel through a Photo Competition and Exhibition titled "Perspectives of 50 Years of Philippine – Israel Friendship" in the Tel Aviv Enav Cultural Center.

The Embassy will exhibit selected photographs of the first Chanceries, Filipino diplomats assigned in Israel, the early Filipino community and its leaders in Israel, and highlights of Philippine - Israel friendship. The exhibition will run from 09-25 December 2012.

The Photo Competition is the first of its kind since the establishment of the Embassy in Israel and will showcase current perspectives of people to people relations between Filipinos and Israelis.

The Philippine Embassy was officially inaugurated in 1962. Formal diplomatic relations between the Philippines and the State of Israel, however, commenced five years earlier in 1957.

The foundation of the Philippine-Israel relations is the shared Judeo-Christian values, the magnanimity of the Filipinos and Philippine President Manuel L Quezon towards the plight of the Jews during the Holocaust, and the critical support of the Philippines towards the establishment of the Jewish State.

In 1938, Filipinos stood firm against the persecution of the Jews in Europe. Later, Philippine President Manuel Luis Quezon granted 10,000 visas and donated a portion of his own land to some of the 1,300 Jewish refugees who made it to Manila. The most humane gesture of President Quezon saved generations of Jews who are now in Israel and around the world, some of whom are committed to keep this story alive as an inspiration and reminder to the succeeding generations of Filipinos and Jews.

After World War II, the Philippines delivered one of the last and most crucial votes during the deliberation on a UN resolution which ultimately created the State of Israel. Many other Philippine Presidents have given the State of Israel their official support and the Jewish people their personal friendships. Today, thousands of Filipino workers consider Israelis their second family while hundreds of Jewish families call the Philippines their home in Asia.

The Philippine Embassy, in cooperation with MONEYGRAM MONEY TRANSFER, invites all Filipinos (including dual citizens) currently residing in Israel to join the photo competition which is open to professional and non-professional photographers and other enthusiasts of all ages.

The theme of the competition is "Perspectives of 50 Years of Philippine – Israel Friendship." All submitted entries must showcase personal perspectives of the Philippine-Israel people to people relations. All entries must be taken in Israel by the participating photographers/contestants.

A panel of judges will select the winners of the competition whose works will be exhibited in the Enav Cultural Center from 09-25 December 2012.




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