Tel Aviv PE Conducts Summer Culture Awareness Program Bata Batuta 2012 for the Filipino Children in Israel


batabatuta group picture

28 August 2012, Tel Aviv, Israel - The Philippine Embassy in Tel Aviv recently launched a five-week Philippine culture awareness summer programbatabatuta cheryl for  Filipino children in Israel in cooperation with Western Union, the Community Education Center (CEC) based inTachana Merkazit and selected Filipino organization leaders.

batabatuta simiThe program, which will run from August to early September this year, is a much anticipated summer activity of young Filipino children, especially those residing in Tel Aviv. It covers several short lectures on Philippine history, traditional games, culture and geography given to the children who were also able to sample many Filipino dishes and snacks carefully chosen and prepared by the facilitators.

The Bata Batuta program aims to provide a fun and quick reintroduction to Philippine culture and lifestyle especially to children who were born and raised in Israel.

The lectures are done every Friday afternoon between 3-5 PM by selected Filipino facilitators who had background in basic education or were professional public school teachers in the Philippines before working in Israel.

The major challenge on the facilitators of the program is the translation of the educational materials from English to Hebrew and later Filipino as most participants are only conversant in either Hebrew or English.

This year's offering of the Bata Batuta program is sponsored by Western Union-Israel which has been a reliable partner of the Embassy and the Filipinobatabatuta johny ramos community in Israel for many years.

batabatuta johnny songThis is the second time such activity was offered by the Embassy to children of Filipino workers based in Israel, particularly in Tel Aviv. The first Bata Batuta was done in 2009 in the Chancery in Tel Aviv with close to 30 participants. This year saw an increase in the number of participants as the sessions were held close to the work place and residence of the Filipino workers in Tel Aviv. The participants, aged between 8-12 years old, number between 30-50 depending on the session.

Among the highlights of this year's Bata Batuta include the cooking lesson to be given by the staff of the Embassy towards the end of the summer program and the Arnis lessons by Master Jon Escudero, the only accredited Filipino martial arts practitioner/instructor in Israel.