Tel Aviv PE Hosts a Special Screening of a Trailer of Documentary Film: Rescue in the Philippines


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23 August 2012, Tel Aviv, Israel – the Philippine Embassy in Tel Aviv hosted a special screening of an 18 minute trailer of a documentary film entitled "Rescue in the Philippines." The screening took place at the Chancery and representatives from Yad Vashem, academe, business sector, some "Manilaners," and the producers were present during the event.

The documentary film aims to tell historical facts of how more than a thousand Jewish refugees from Europe found their way in the Philippines through the efforts of Commonwealth President Manuel L. Quezon, the five Frieder brothers who were Cincinnati businessmen, Mr. Paul McNutt (US High Commissioner and former governor of Indiana) and then Army Colonel Dwight Eisenhower. It brings to light a story of magnanimity and the uncontrived humanitarian effort towards the Jews founded on a personal commitment of doing what is right and humane.

Ambassador Generoso D.G. Calonge said that it shares the story of men who fought for a cause, the story of men who offered hope when help was notG.Rescue Reception (48) forthcoming and spoke against silence and apathy on the plight of Jews when much of the world stood in fear or simply turned a blind eye.

"I am confident that this work will see its completion soon, with all the professional help and effort behind it and with all the support from its benefactors and from the number of people who decided to join us to see it and hope for its conclusion," the Ambassador said. "I am also hopeful that with the documentary film, Yad Vashem would be able to consider extending due recognition to the Philippines and President Manuel L. Quezon," the Ambassador added.

Mr. Max Weissler, one of the surviving Jewish refugees in the Philippines, recounted his plight in Europe and his family's eventual settlement in the Philippines. He vividly recalled childhood memories and the places he frequented during those years. He testified about the generosity and kindness of the Filipino people towards the Jews.

G.Rescue Reception (35)Ms. Barbara Sasser, the producer of the film and the granddaughter of Alex Freider, expressed her appreciation to the Embassy for organizing the event and providing an opportunity to present the trailer to a selected audience. She is hopeful that the film will be finished soon in time for its schedule release on Israeli television by 2013.