Philippine Embassy in Tel Aviv Honors Migrant Workers in Israel


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GIMPEDsouvenir photo21 June 2012, Tel Aviv, Israel – In celebration of OWWA's 30th Year Anniversary and Migrant Workers' Day, the Philippine Embassy, through the Overseas Workers' Welfare Administration in Tel Aviv conducted a leadership training seminar for the benefit of Filipino Community leaders who are enjoined to complement the Embassy's plans and programs for the entire Filipino community in Israel.

Welfare Officer Reynold Pigar and Labor Attaché Merriam Cuasay tailored a training seminar with the aim of honing and equipping Filipino community leaders with adequate knowledge on how to manage, organize and lead their respective organizations. Mr. Pigar, who just recently arrived in Israel in May 2012, facilitated the seminar and Mrs. Cuasay acted as commentator during the workshop.

The seminar also included a stress management module designed for migrant workers in Israel. The Embassy deems it necessary for OFWs to receive such kind of training in view of the nature of their work in the caregiving sector. Having been trained in Family Therapy, Welfare Officer Reynold Pigar provided scientific and proven ways on how to relive themselves of all forms of stress which are being accumulated every day.

The seminar gave an opportunity for questions and answers, as well as the sharing of their individual experiences and how each of them managed to cope with the demands of caregiving. It is noteworthy that there are some caregivers who have, on the average, spent more than a decade of their lives in Israel in exchange for a more lucrative salary or find greener pastures. By doing so, they have left behind their families in the Philippines.GIMPEDamba awards cert

Ambassador Generoso D.G. Calonge said that the facilitation of such a seminar was very timely considering that most welfare cases being handled by the Embassy stemmed from stress-related illnesses. He expressed his hope that the community leaders would continue supporting the programs of the Embassy which are geared towards their general welfare and well-being. Ambassador Calonge also took that opportunity to unfurl his medium to long-term plans for the Filipino Community in Israel and these include developing a sound mind and a body that is physically fit. He aims to develop a physical fitness program and establish a non-formal education to teach children of OFWs about Philippine history, institutions and culture. He hopes that a historical grounding will equip Filipino children with desirable values like love of country and loyalty to the Republic. He said that this a simple token of appreciation extended by the Philippine government to the contributions given by migrant workers to the Philippine economy.