Tel Aviv PE Presents Nono in Celebration of the 114th Anniversary of the Proclamation of Philippine Independence


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14 June 2012, Einav Cultural Center, Tel Aviv - The Philippine Embassy in Tel Aviv hosted the screening of a Filipino film entitled "Nono" for the Filipino Community in recognition of their contributions to the nation during the 114th Anniversary of the Proclamation of Philippine Independence.

The film showing was held at the theater in Einav Cultural Center located in the heart of Tel Aviv. Members of the Filipino Community and the Diplomatic Corps were invited to the special screening which was scheduled at 5pm.

The film Nono is a story of a boy named Toto who was born with a cleft palate. Due to his speech impediment, he earned himself the street monikergimped.Amba introduces NoNo "Nono" which is what Toto would sound if he is to pronounce his own name.

"Nono is a personal story of liberation, a release from the limits of his physical impediment, deliverance from his fixation on what must be a normal family, and freedom from the expectation of his community that his handicap is beyond the physical and is beyond repair," Ambassador Calonge expounded during his speech.

The Ambassador further stressed that the film shows that the indomitable spirit of a human being starts when he is young and our thirst for knowledge and excellence commences immediately after we become conscious of our surroundings.

"The celebration of our independence day and the story of Nono offer a shred of conjoined truth too obvious that it is often overlooked. Our freedom as a nation emanates from the compounded personal victories over imposed or self-inflicted limits which may appear daunting but not necessarily unconquerable," Ambassador Calonge said.

In closing, Ambassador Calonge thanked the audience for having shared their precious time and expressed hope that by watching Nono they would be inspired to strive harder in achieving their goals and aspirations despite natural or imposed limitations.