Israeli Government Formally Recognizes Mr. Shimon Weinbaum as Philippine Honorary Consul in Jerusalem


exequateur (gimped-watermarked)20 May 2012, Jerusalem, Israel – In a simple ceremony at the Israeli Foreign Ministry, Mr. Shimon Weinbaum received from the Protocol Department his exequatur which symbolically conveyed the Israeli government's concurrence to his appointment by Secretary Albert F. Del Rosario as Philippine Honorary Consul in Jerusalem.

Mrs. Talya Lador-Fresher, Chief of State Protocol, handed over to Mr. Weinbaum his exequatur while Philippine Ambassador to Israel H.E. Generoso D.G. Calonge gave him his appointment papers from Secretary Del Rosario.

MFA Deputy Director General for Asia and the Pacific Mrs. Ruth Kahanoff, Director for South and Southeast Asia Mr. Chaim Choshen, Former Israel Ambassador to the Philippines Zvi Vapni, Third Secretary and Vice Consul Greg Marie Concha-Mariño, and Mr. Weinbaum's family and close friends witnessed the ceremony.

Long before his appointment as Philippine Honorary Consul, Mr. Weinbaum already received a "baptism of fire" from the Philippine Embassy. He has actively attended numerous activities organized by the Philippine Embassy and promotes the Philippines as a good investment destination in the Southeast Asian region. He also participated in the recently concluded Regional Consultative Meeting for Ambassadors and Honorary Consular Officials held in Manila in early March 2012.

Mr. Weinbaum is the owner and the Chief Executive Officer of the Harper Group Ltd., a prime real estate investment company, the Co-Chieftoast (gimped-watermarked) Executive Officer of Ronel-Maliline, an international customs broker and freight forwarder, and the owner and the Chief Executive Officer of High Seas Shipping Company Ltd.

The appointment of Mr. Weinbaum as Honorary Consul is timely as it complements the economic diplomacy program of the Philippines vis-à-vis Israel.His long exposure, experience, business contacts and links in the private sector will be beneficial in promoting and boosting bilateral trade relations between the Philippines and Israel, among others.

His appointment brings the total number of Philippine Honorary Consular Officials in Israel to three (3), the other two being Honorary Consul General Mr. Carmel Hacohen in Haifa and Northern Israel and Honorary Consul Mr. Boaz Waksman in Ashdod and Southern Israel. Having reached the maximum honorary officials allowed by Israeli law, the Philippines has now full consular coverage of the entire country. —end—