Tel Aviv PE Conducts OAV Field Registration in Haifa


conmis_hfa_102 May 2012: The Philippine Embassy in Tel Aviv successfully conducted its first ever Overseas Absentee Voting (OAV) field registration in Haifa on 27-28 April 2012 with a final turnout of 170 field registrants, 20 registrants more than the earlier estimate made by Post. The first five (5) Filipino seafarers currently stationed at the Haifa port were also among those registered for the OAV during the field registration


H.E. Ambassador Generoso D.G. Calonge formally opened the event on Friday, 27 April, at around 2:30 PM. In his speech, Ambassador Calonge emphasized the importance, for every Filipino especially those working overseas, to continue participating in our country's democratic process of elections.

conmis_hfa_3In order to maximize its registration campaign, the Philippine Embassy rendered other consular services to Filipinos in the northern region of Israel, such as the processing of ePassport renewal applications, N.B.I. applications, issuance of S.P.A.s, as well as the processing voluntary registration/mapping of OFWs in Israel. The Philippine Overseas Labor Office and the Overseas Workers Welfare Administration in Tel Aviv were also present and processed Overseas Employment Contracts (OECs) and OWWA membership applications.

conmis_hfa_4The place of worship of the Jesus is Lord Church located at the Hannavi'im Tower, in Haifa, served as the venue for the two-day event while several members of JIL Church and the Filipino Overseas Workers FOWWA volunteered as ushers and usherettes by handing out application forms and assisting applicants.

The overwhelming success of the Haifa OAV field registration is the result of many months of intensive awareness campaign and information dissemination conducted by Post in order to encourage more OFWs to participate in the election process.


To date, Tel Aviv PE has surpassed the number of new registrants of the previous three (3) registrations in 2003, 2006 and 2009, with more than 3,300 registrants in only six months. Tel Aviv PE also has more than doubled the COMELEC's target number of OAV registrants of less than 1,500 registrants.

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